A & H Acquisitions Corp., founded by the Adjmi family several decades ago,  is a private real estate investment and management organization headquartered at 1412 Broadway in New York City. Over the course of such time A&H has built a portfolio of over 100 properties in the New York Metropolitan area, as well as many out-of-state properties. Our early foundations began in focusing on retail property tenant re-positioning and value added property cash flow acquisitions. Since then, A&H has expanded it’s commitment to real estate investments by delving into development, residential, office, and real estate backed financial securities. 


 For the past 30 years, A&H Acquisitions has aggressively purchased notable properties in high density retail driven areas in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Florida, Los Angeles, Chicago among others . We have made oit our mission to acquire premier locations with high urban populations. A strong key to our success in acquisitions relies on our many relationships with market insiders, transparency with others, and an ability to move quickly with favorable terms. Another paramount key to our success is the continued strong relationships with banks, institutional lenders, and financial brokers. 


 Development has become a core feature in A&H’s future commitment in the real estate industry. directly or through various partnerships A&H is either beginning, completing, or in the process of developing over 3 Million square feet, making us one of the larger private developers in New York. Our core competency includes our ability to value engineer projects at costs less than competing firms, our sources of sub contractors, reputation for professionalism with city and other municipal agencies, and an ability to deliver tenants with tailored fit spaces during pre-construction, and a fully dedicated construction office working day to day on projects.